What is Relational Psychotherapy?

In psychotherapy, as in life, we grow through relationship. Our sense of self emerges in meeting with the other. Psychotherapy — when it works well — provides a safe environment to...

Experience our patterns of relating to each other
Explore how we make meaning of our lives
Experiment with new ways of being

Awareness opens the door... but it is only with support that we can step into an expanded world, with possibilities for growth.

About Gestalt Therapy

We four have trained in this humanistic approach to psychotherapy which continues to evolve and grow since it was pioneered by Fritz and Laura Perls in the 1950’s.

Gestalt works with the embodied experience of how we meet each other in the here and now. The shift toward a more relational approach to practice puts the focus on a dialogue between client and therapist, and the impact of each upon the other. It is inclusive of the humanity of both.

The Five-Year Training Program at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto (GIT) has been recognized by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) as addressing the standards and competencies required to practice psychotherapy in Ontario.

Our Therapists

Louise Wall

Therapist in Training

Miranda Goode Monastero

Registered Psychotherapist

Craig Maxfield

Therapist in Training

Colleen Flood

Therapist in Training

Where to Find Us

Our office is at 179 Carlton Street in the Toronto neighbourhood of Cabbagetown.

We are proud to join the rich legacy of Gestalt therapists who have practiced in this historic building. Just enter our front door and take a seat on the bench in the lobby.

Your therapist will greet you at your appointed time.

Contact our Therapists

Louise C.B. Wall
  (416) 702-7053
Louise also sees clients at her Mississauga office.

Miranda Goode Monastero
  (905) 580-7065
Miranda also sees clients at her Burlington office.

Craig Maxfield
  (647) 270-5980

Colleen Flood
  (416) 826-2436